Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Herbie Flowers III - an obiturary

Some people would wonder why one would write an obituary for one's cat, but then some would wonder why one wouldn't not write an obituary. So here is mine.

Herbie Flowers was not the first Herbie Flowers to come into my life. In fact, he was the third.

a) Herbie Flowers the original, was a session bassist for many a prolific musician. He wrote the bass line for Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed. He played on War of the Worlds. He's also the cutest, dapper elderly man you've ever seen.

b) Herbie Flowers #2 was one of our first foster kittens. He turned out to be a she, and was adopted by an 8 year boy whom named her Bubbles.

 c) Herbie Flowers #3 was my very first cat where I had sole ownership. Originally named Amare, he was adopted by a family, abandoned with a sibling, lived rogue, poisoned (his sibling died.) He was then taken into foster care where he had a full dental extraction and then came to our Burnley Tce flat.

 I was attracted to his wiggly little face, hugely fluffy tail and extremely loyal nature. Best of all, he sat like a human and would spend many an hour on Stu's knee as he studied and mine as I worked on my computer, resting his paws on our desks.
If people asked me how I was, I would just tell them about Herbie - just like a new mother.

It was very strange last Wednesday when Herbie didn't come in when did my usual night call. Even if he didn't want to come in, he would pop his head up and let me know. It was even more worrying the next morning - and then I had to fly to Dunedin.
After a poster run, we heard very quickly that Herbs was hit by a car one street over from ours. I have since met his finders and undertakers, an adorable elderly couple - who buried him under a lovely tree.

As all living things that die earlier than one expected, it's both shocking and sad. You miss not only the times you had, but also the times to come. Herbie was very much a part of our daily routine, so there is a constant reminder that he is not there. There's nothing much left to say, except it's extremely shit when your cat dies.

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