Wednesday, September 4, 2013

To the mountain

 A few weekends ago, a large contingent of North Island folk, traveled from all corners to meet at this little ski hut, sitting on Mount Ruapehu. I was slightly dubious of this structure when we arrived on the Friday night.

It was pretty much a tent - leaky and co Friday night. It was pretty much a tent - leaky and cold, and felt like it would blow off the mountain. But once the wood burner was cranked and wine was in hand, everything was a-ok.

The fridge.

Last year, on our similar trip to Raitahi, everyone bar my dear friend Nicole and I went snowboarding. We must have made our time relaxing sound so blissful that half of the crew stayed behind and we went on a little mountain trek.

NB: Fashion ankle gumboots are terrible for snow walks.

Later on in the evening, the snowboarders and the relaxed posse came back together for a ski lodge party. I was hired for the second time outside of our home to be the DJ and we donned outfits inspired by the following music video...

As I was on the tunes, most of these pictures are taken by Alannah - wooo!

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