Friday, June 14, 2013

Bob & Ruth's Wedding - Part 1

You may have seen some engagement photos I took a while ago of the adorable Bob & Ruth. They were married back in April, but due to a number of factors, we only just managed to sit down together and look at them.
On the morning of their wedding, I rung both Bob & Ruth separately to see how they were going - and they were both so excited. It was going to be a big day - a ceremony, afternoon tea, photos and then a reception for 100 people.

I joined Ruth as she got ready and she was as nervous as ever! There were many family members crammed into her (and soon to be Bob's) tiny little house. She wore a stunning white dress with applique, an embroidered pink sheer overtop and a handmade fascinator.  

This is the moment that Ruth saw herself in the mirror for the first time,
"I look like Queen Elizabeth!"

We arrived at Ruth's local Church in Papatoetoe for the ceremony. Ruth's daughter and granddaughter were her lovely bridesmaids and Bob had his brother and son as groomsmen. Bob's brother (singing below) was Bob's also best man 60 years ago!
Bon and Ruth's ceremony was extremely heartfelt and full of bursting love. These guys had the longest kiss I'd ever photographed.

Now, I have to mention that after the ceremony, something happened that I have never experienced while photographing a wedding. At the afternoon tea, poor Bob collapsed and was taken to hospital. It was extremely stressful and worrisome at the time - but I can tell you now that Bob is well recovered.
Unfortunately, Bob could not come to the reception - which went ahead anyway and we have a fantastic portrait shoot at the Manakau Botanical Gardens a week later. These guys are pretty lucky getting to wear their outfits twice! I will post these adorable photos soon. X