Monday, April 15, 2013

Ballads & Badlands: Nadia Reid & Luckless Press Shots

Together, (Nadia) Reid and Ivy Rossiter of Luckless form a part of a new generation of songwriters born to take to their stories the road, to pin their words and harmonies to hearts and minds as far and wide as possible.

My friends Nadia & Ivy are about to hit the road for a huge New Zealand tour, and we thought we'd better get a sweet photo for their press release. We squeezed into Ivy's work car for a cozy shoot and I think they look wonderful!


Details of the Ballads & Badlands tour are here.

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dianne tanner // icefloe said...

I have a feeling I might have rudely interupted this photoshoot by calling Ivy during it. Look at these beautiful ladies!