Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Anthonie Tonnon

I recently got to go on my first tour! As a photographer for Anthonie Tonnon, formerly Tono and the Finance Company, on a little trip to Mount Maunganui and Hamilton.
We were at the Mount venue, Major Toms, and as we were looking for some dinner, the sky was filled with the most beautiful pink - that perfectly matched Tono's jacket.

Tono has just released this image, we have some more up our sleeve to show you, but I think this one has wonderful colour.

Tono has some great projects and events happening, which is all listed on his brand spanking new facebook page.


j-lee the tap-dancing toe said...

Jenna Todd what a wonderful pic!

Rachel F said...

Beautiful JT! Is that you in the lovely red coat? xx

Jenna said...

Yes! This is me "in action."

ok korea said...