Friday, March 8, 2013

Gemma getting ready for her wedding.

I'm at a time in my life where many of my friends are getting married, and it always presents the dilemma of whether I am to be a guest or photograph. My dear school friends and I have come to the compromise that I will photograph them getting ready and then from the ceremony onwards, I can party on! 
I was very happy to travel to Clyde recently to watch my lovely friend Gemma marry Corey. 

I joined Gemma and the girls in the morning as they got ready to capture all of the little details.

The final touches...

I cannot explain how hot and bright this Clyde day was. We found some shady spots for the fastest pre-shoot ever as Gemma had to get to the ceremony!
Gemma looks beautiful all the time, but she truly makes a stunning bride.

The girls looked wonderful.

I had a hot date for the day (Jessi in the pink) and I must say we were wonderful wining, dining and dancing partners. That's Jahan and little Ariana below.

This dessert deserves a special mention. The chef told us this is 10 pavalovas stacked, carved and covered in meringues, cream and strawberries.

I'll finish off with Corey and Gem giggling their way through their first dance.


Rachel F said...

ahhhhh I love your fringe! Is it from Liz? I think I need to fly to Wellington just to get new bangs xx

Jenna said...

This particular fringe is not a Liz fringe, its' an Auckland, "Live and & Let Dye" fringe. However, I've since received a Liz fringe on recent travels to Wellington. Both types are highly recommended. X