Sunday, March 24, 2013

Buck Taylor Track, Karekare.

My friends and I were walking along Buck Taylor Track at Karekare Beach.
We had just up and overed the steep terrain and walked through the marsh, when we saw a couple in the yonder.

Is that man naked?
No, he can't be.
He must be wearing very tiny, beige shorts.

We continue walking over the black sand towards the shoreline, coming across this couple again.
This man is indeed naked. Except for his pack and shoes.
His companion is fully clothed.

They double back and walk past us. He flops freely.

We walk quite a way behind them back to the track. We think we have lost them, until while heading back over the steep terrain, we are directly faced with a fleshy white bottom.
He and his companion are resting. They say hello, his thigh is strategically placed, Tish says, Nice day to stretch your legs.

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Lyn Stewart said...

Lol a naked man lerking in some sand dunes Now that NEVER happens!