Monday, January 21, 2013

Dreamy camping times.

 We planned a lady weekend away, packed the cars for a long journey and literally 35 minutes out of the city, we hit our first dreamy camping spot - Wenderholm. That will teach us for not being Auckland natives! We ate in the dark, slept amongst the mangroves and made breakfast burritos next to the beach.

 The next morning, we cruised 20 minutes up the road to Mahurangi West. Since we had to walk our gear in to Mita Bay, there were big decisions about what to leave in the car - "Vodka or gin? Red or white wine?" We then spent 2 blissful nights eating cheese, reading, swimming and snoozing. Oh! we were also lent kayaks to float around the surrounding bays.

The weekend had perfect weather, without a breath of wind to put our burners. It was just a blissful way to spend a bit of the summer.