Sunday, November 11, 2012

Things I have recently made.

I crocheted this teddy for baby Gianonne, my soon to be niece or nephew.

 The slow process of chair covering continues - this fabric was $2.50 from Wellsford Hospice Shop.

Yesterday, I made these pillowcases. (Soon, our house will be a floral wonderland!)

Here's little Kathleen in my booties, all the way in Korea. 

 Stu got some booties too.

I've almost finished the hard yards of a 1930's crochet blouse.


Bron. said...

Clever clever clever. <3

Rachel F said...

I love those wee pillow cases. Is Stu worried you're going to turn the entire house into a floral curtain? hehe X

Jenna said...

He is ambivalent, it's great!