Monday, November 12, 2012

Catherine Walker

I recently photographed the wonderful Catherine Walker in preparation for releasing her EP. 
Out of the many photos we shot, this is our favourite. We were so lucky to catch this strike of light, which created a gorgeous Edward Hopper-esque scene. I will let you know as soon as her tunes hit the interweb. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Things I have recently made.

I crocheted this teddy for baby Gianonne, my soon to be niece or nephew.

 The slow process of chair covering continues - this fabric was $2.50 from Wellsford Hospice Shop.

Yesterday, I made these pillowcases. (Soon, our house will be a floral wonderland!)

Here's little Kathleen in my booties, all the way in Korea. 

 Stu got some booties too.

I've almost finished the hard yards of a 1930's crochet blouse.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kids of 88

Right, now that frocktober is over, I can actually blog about some photography things I've done recently. 
I was asked to photograph Kids of 88 for the cover of NZ Musician magazine. These guys were super nice to spend a morning with and it's great that my bookstore workplace also doubles as a great studio. They have 55,000 fans on facebook - holy!
I did have a copy of the magazine around, but I can't find it to show you the final results. NZ Musician's designer is an extremely enthusiastic photoshop user, therefore I do prefer these au naturale shots better.