Thursday, October 4, 2012


 I got this on my first day in Toronto, from a lovely vintage shop called Mrs. Huizenga on Roncesvalles Ave*. . I'm not 100% on the era - late 40's or 50's? It's handmade out of viscose and has a collar detail I haven't seen on anything else.
One of the first times I wore this, I lifted both of my arms up to put a book on the shelf at work and the armpits completely ripped! Nana had recently fixed this for me and today, it has done it again - so this is soon to be a sleeveless number!

*I just took a stroll down Roncesvalles Ave on Google maps to find out the name of that store. Oh the internet! Also, Roncesvalles Ave is such a wonderful street full of fruit & vege stores, florists and dog groomers.

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