Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hello dear frocktober followers,

Here we are, the last dress. This is a Christchurch 1970's Monet-like print, which is polyester, but I love this unique style so much that I don't mind. 

I think I could actually continue frocktober about halfway through November, but I think it's best to finish up here (at least until next year!) The dresses I didn't end up wearing doesn't mean I love them any less, curiously - most of those ones just need to be ironed.
I hope this frocktober series didn't come across as an indulgence of excess, but a celebration of second hand, the beauty of age and a shout out to the wonderful independent collectors and sellers of vintage clothing. I just love to think a clothing item may have brought several different generations of women the same amount of joy and I only wish I knew what events they had worn their dress to!

Love Jenna X

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