Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I haven't worn this in a long time. It's a Japanese made dress from Romiwa in Hongdae.
Once, I was wearing this at Chicks in Dunedin and a man at the bar asked me what costume party I'd just come from. *sigh*

Today was my boss Wendy's 65th birthday and I wore this to match the Lemon Debutante Cake I made her from the Miette Bakery Cookbook. It is a hot milk cake, soaked in lemon syrup with both lemon curd and lemon butter cream.
Also, I wore this dress when I got my tattoo! There is even a video of it!
I really stood out from the topless US soldiers.

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expatkerri said...

ah yes! this dress was part of the historical day of tattoos and fringe!!