Thursday, September 20, 2012

Retro Sheila on the GC

Before I flew over to the Gold Coast, a notorious board short and jandal hot spot, I googled vintage stores - with a small sense of hope and a slight sense of humour. Surprisingly, a little store called Retro Sheila came up. Named perfectly, with promises of clothing between 1940's-70's, my hopes were very high.

When I find an amazing vintage store, I am usually filled with a sense of extreme excitement and extreme dread (for my wallet.) My Nana and I were in this store for HOURS, and the fantastic owner Gregory promised to bring in some more pint sized treats for me if I came back during the week.
Retro Shelia has high quality, very well priced gears. I bought five dresses and luckily (for my wallet), three of them were too small.

My Nana has recently retired, so I flew to the Gold Coast for us to spend some quality time together. Unfortunately I came down with a sinus infection and did not take many pictures at all, but here is a list of what we did:
- Crocheted, a lot
- Read
- Went to trivia and played pokies at half time
- Ate custard squares
- I marveled at the wool selection at Lyncraft
- Wined and Black Russianed
- Watched Coronation St
- Wore bare arms and legs
- Spent 5 hours at garage sales
- Spent many hours at Retro Sheila
- Went to a wonderful art gallery in Murwillumbah
- and that's all I can remember for now

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