Monday, July 2, 2012


I forgot to share this delightful post-Bonnaroo photo in the previous post. We stayed in such a dingy hotel - someone was surely murdered there.

So I spent one day in Toronto before going on our road trip, which of course was not enough time. So back I went, for a week of happy times with Mark and Colleen. They are fantastic, and even better, they are fellow cat people.

Yard sale! Ahhh! If only 20kg fur lined coats were a practical New Zealand item.

A cat to pat at all times.

Toronto is:
- Filled with beautiful old buildings. 
- Had a large population of immigrants, which means amazing food!
- A place I could easily live in.
- Awesome music scene.
- Lotsa vintage shopping.

This is Minnow - Feargal's Canadian twin. His favourite thing to do is hug you immediately after a shower, when your body is still wet.

High Park

Ethiopian food.

This is for Kerri.

Poutine! I remember a friend years ago telling me the reason she put on weight while living in Canada was this stuff. Fries, gravy and cheese? I can totally see why!

I saw Unknown Mortal Orchestra!

And BRAM VAN 3000. They had a huge hit in the late 90's that was on my Triple J Hottest 100 CD.

Cat love. All of the time.

The saddest goodbyes.

I'm going to finish with the montage of Colleen and I, all photos are taken by Mark.

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Lila said...

1. I am in love with Minnow.

2. Toronto looks sooo great.

3. that montage! <3 BFFs!