Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New York (Part 2)

New York is:
just like Sex and the City 
and full of colour and characters (in both people and architecture.)

Chloe and I reunited post Bonnaroo.

Charlotte's part of town. #sexandthecitymoment.

The MET.

The MeatBall Shop.

Book store envy. I wish we could have cheaper books in NZ.

Plastic nature.

An 8am walk across the Williamsburg Bridge to see Orthodox Jew women power walking.

Clinton St. Bakery. Made with love and butter.

Wall Street. Full of men.
#sexandthecitymoment (when Carrie dings the bell)

Do you notice the cat on the man's head?

Kayla said, "I want to take you to dinner at a place that belongs in a Wes Anderson movie."
Cafe Gitane in the Hotel Jane.

Instead of paying to go to the Empire State Building, I had a port on the top floor of the Stanford Hotel. We were served by models. #sexandthecitymoment 

The Diner. With Ryan!!
My breakfast was free due to a misunderstanding of my accent. 

Ryan and I got so hot (heatwave) that we found a pub that was opened in 1850ish. They only served light or dark beer.

 Fountain Refuge.

When international friends meet.

Goodbye Brooklyn.

We had our best American coffee at La Columbe. It's owned by my teen crush Leo. We saw Guy Pearce and also had the best coffee of America. (Which was fantastic for America, but not as good as NZ.)

Chloe in her element.

 Last breakfast.

Ryan in a cheese overload.

A rose between two thorns.

Then, thanks to the amazingness of Chloe's strength, she helped me carry my overpacked bags all through Times Square. I caught the bus to Newark airport, where there was a MASSIVE thunderstorm, which delayed my flight. I then flew to San Fran, thinking I would miss my 45 minute window but we landed with 5 minutes until my next flight. I ran as fast as I could through San Fran airport and made it.
Then I flew home.

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ok korea said...

Looks like you had an amazing (and delicious) time!