Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New York (Jade edition)

One day, Jade and I bused from Toronto to New York. It took TWELVE HOURS.

We arrived late at night to Kayla's Greenpoint apartment, woke up and ferried to Manhattan.

Duck noodle soup in China Town.

Expect some blurry walk by shots of interesting street characters.

Um, are you sure we're not in Korea?



Whole Foods in Central Park.

East Village.

$1 Oyster Happy Hour.

Vegan Babycakes.


Kayla going to work.

New York Public Library.

This is Jade's Grandfather's signature.

Putting Jade back on the bus to Toronto. Goodbye my dear. X

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Jaenipo said...

What a lovely time in NYC with beautiful ladies! You have some memorable shots Jenna, thoroughly loved following along on your city walks.