Wednesday, June 27, 2012

#3: Nashville and Lynchburg, Tennessee

We ran into three crack heads outside of our Howard Johnson's motel in Nashville and were warned we could be robbed or asked to perform indecent acts for money. Wahoo!
(Photo by Mark)

Busing away from potential danger.

(Photo by Mark)

Cheese grits. Both cheesy and gritty.
(Photo by Mark)

So, we happened to be in Nashville on the same weekend as the CMA Music Festival Fan Fair. Every year, there is an influx of 70,000 visitors gagging to listen to cheesetastic new country rock love ballads. We saw a lot of heart holding. I recommend looking at the photos on this website.
(Photos by Mark)

Main drag.

It's difficult being in a city where you're not really sure where to go. We ended up in a honky tonk bar, full of oldies (patrons and tunes).
Then we ate some of the "Best ribs in Nashville": Jack's  Bar-B-Que.

The next morning, after googling "best breakfast in Nashville", this is what we got. It was extremely delicious and probably our last decent meal before going to Bonnaroo.

I gave these kids a dollar. They were polite.

Necessary vintage stop in.

We then drove to Lynchburg for a *free* tour of the Jack Daniel's distillery. My dreams of whiskey sipping were dashed when we were informed we were in another dry county and would be served lemonade at the end of the tour. True story.
I recommend making this photo and checking out the mormon* family on the right.

Mormon* fashion.
*Assumed religion. 

Middle America = sneans

The face that belongs to the sneans: our wonderful guide Betty Patton.

The crew and Jack. He started making Jack Daniel's Whiskey when he was 14 and died from gaining an infection in his foot after kicking his safe.

After Lynchville, we drove to the Manchester Walmart to get supplies for the climax of our epic roadtrip. I saw a gun counter there (complete with perfect gun counter patrons) and everything!


Alex said...

Wait, Jack Daniels is made in a county where you can't even buy a drink!?

expatkerri said...

best breakfast :)
walmart sells guns :(
hilarious photos