Monday, June 25, 2012

A wee trip from Toronto to Tennesse...

Oh gosh.
I've done that thing where I've gone on a big trip and left all of the blogging until the end.
This is what I thought whilst on my travels: Why blog when I'm in a North American summer and I could be outside? Blogging is to be left until I'm inside my chilly Auckland flat, my shoes are water stained from the rain and the fur collar on my new Nashville coat is flapped up around my cheeks.*
All of these things have become my reality. After 3 days of being home I've bitten the bullet and checked my bank account (healthier than expected, thank goodness for luggage allowance), the annoying dregs of my suitcases are yet to be packed away and my washing is taking some time to dry in the damp, chilly air.*

*All first world problems, of course.

I will try and re-tell my adventures that went like this: 
- A long plane ride via stopovers in Sydney, LA and landing in Toronto for a few days.
- A drive from Toronto to Manchester, Tennessee via Louisville, Mammoth Cave National Park and Nashville.
- 4 days in Manchester at Bonnaroo Music Festival.
- Another long drive back to Toronto for 4 days.
- A 12 hour drive to New York for a week.
- A flight home via stopovers in San Francisco and Sydney.

I reunited with my dear Canadian friends Mark and Colleen from my days in Korea. We spent a few days wandering the lovely city of Toronto, where the buildings are so old and adorable. 
Here is Mark, patiently waiting as Colleen and I try on vintage clothes. 

Here is Colleen, a fellow cat lady, calling on one of our furry friends.

Here is an amazing PHOTO ON A WALL outside the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.

On a Sunday morning, our Bonnaroo crew filled a van to the brim and we were very nervous crossing the border into the USA. However, we were very cool, calm and collected - especially when the border patrol officer said New Zealand....isn't that near Poland?!

Here is Kayte's picture of us being excitedly animated and engaging in fantastic conversation.

Along the American highway, we were bombarded with a Microsoft Word calibre of billboard advertisements, a sea of golden arched silhouettes, religious phrases and dinky buildings worthy of a horror movie.

We stayed in a grimy lime green hotel room, somewhere in Kentucky after a full day of driving through Detroit, Michigan (amazing, abandoned architecture), Cincinnati, Ohio (again, incredible buildings) and Louisville, Kentucky.

The next morning we ate in Horse Cave City in the 90's country cottage chic diner of my dreams. My omelette was stuffed with peppers, potatoes and ham and finished off with two triangles of florescent orange cheese, and our coffee was constantly refilled by a strong accented hostess with impeccable manners.


RJF said...

Poland?! I want to visit that wee vintage store <3

ok korea said...

Love the US scenery photos. More please!

Jenna said...

Rach - you would LOVE IT! X
Marku - I'm working on it! X