Saturday, June 30, 2012

Bonnaroo Days 3 & 4

Oh gosh. I'm really getting behind.

Day 3: No showers needed.

Day 3 characters:

Santogold! Her dancers rule. I hope she comes to NZ.


The Roots!


Waiting for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. We skulked around the back for these guys. Instrumental talent was well appreciated, vocal talent was not. Also, I was very disappointed that they didn't play my favourite RHCP song, Roller coaster of Love.

Alice Cooper rocked it. He came out of a spider.
Poison was amazing.
While he was playing I tried crocodile meat.

Day 4! Time to go home. We packed up the car in efficient time, ready to see some music and get to some showers.

Rhys Darby was huge at this festival. He was on the large screen PSA's between acts giving Kiwi advice about how to stay safe at a festival. We watched his act in the comedy tent and it was great! It also didn't rely on the ol' "I'm from NZ and it's really small" routine. Thumbs up.

You know how I said that it was impossible to find people after you lost them? Well, this is the moment we all fatefully found each other after being separated.

Kurt Vile is awesome.

The Beach Boys were amazing. An hour and a half of pure hits to which I danced the whole time.
Kokomo was incredible.

Bon Iver was pretty good. I've never really listened to them before, but his voice totally reminds me of Hard for me to say I'm sorry by Chicago. Which is good.

The final trek to the car.

Bye Bonnaroo!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bonnaroo Day 2!

Our camp was about a 30 minute walk to the concert grounds and because this was a HUGE music day, we had to be prepared for the next 12 hours as there was not a minute to waste. From what I've heard from previous years in Bonnaroo history, it's usually extremely hot, with the night time as a relief from the days heat. It was still pretty sweaty during the day but the night would get quite chilly. (There were a lot of poor girls in bikinis complaining they had brought absolutely no jumpers.
This day was also the first day they were to open the huge "What" stage, which opened up the grounds to be almost twice as large and opened a closer entrance to our trek from camp.

Ready for action!

Before the masses.

First up was tune-yards at This stage. I learned something very quickly about This stage and That stage. I couldn't see a thing. Except when I held my camera high above my head.
Jeez they need a sloping floor, higher stage, screens or something.*
*This and the scary fraternity jocks were my only Bonnaroo complaints.

Sharon Jone and the Dap Kings. What a hot mama.

Chloe taking a shower. I just let the stink sit around.

Tater tots. Just like Napoleon Dynamite.

Then we went to see my favourite lady, Feist, at the Which Stage.

She's such a super performer. I only saw her in January (and as you may notice, most of the acts have just been or are coming to NZ soon) and she was just as charming.

The sun was going down, we were only hours away from watching Radiohead and it was just lovely. I think I also converted Chloe to Feist fandom.

This was initially a photo fail. But quickly became a photo win. That guy has had enough.

That's better.

As we had seen people positioning themselves for Radiohead at the beginning of the day, we decided to sadly skip Ludacris and St. Vincent (who was on a poo stage anyway) and wait. We caught the end of a pretty cheesy act called Rodrigo y Gabriela and C.U.B.A. and while I'm not denying the talent, it was like standing in a South American elevator.

At 10pm, Radiohead came on. It was the best thing I've ever seen. The sound! The lights! The moving screens! Everything! Chloe and I were the happiest people in the world. The two drummers were crazy awesome, Thom Yorke was endearingly chirpy. Oh man.
The crowd was pretty hilarious - people were either losing their shit and crying with joy or looking slightly bored and waiting for the creep that never came.
Every single song was an amazing treat and they could have easily played for an entire day and I would have not been sick of it.

Post Radiohead, there was nothing we could do but move with the crowd back to camp. (And have a listen to Major Lazer play this amazing song on the way.)

There are so many people at Bonnaroo that if you lose your friends or miss a meeting time, you will probably not see them again for the rest of the day. This explains the lack of our crew in this post, actually, I think we organised to meet by the mushroom and from the first image below you can see why we missed each other!)
Mark is just one of my favourite photographers ever and I have to share his crowd shots from this day.