Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lens Flare Love

There's nothing I love more during a wedding shoot than a wee bit of lens flare. It's spontaneous, romantic and makes everything look that little bit more magical.
I've recently heard you can do this on photoshop? Oh the digital crimes!

These shots were taken on my very first assisting assignment - the Irish/Samoan extravaganza of Esther and Tama. When Nikki Barlow approached me to help her out, I was a little nervous as I hadn't assisted before - but I learned some invaluable knowledge and different ways of working. Assisting for the win!


expatkerri said...

gorgeous gorgeous lens flare shots. i agree that it adds romance to the moment, especially for a wedding it seems to add some real magic. go jenna!

Jenna said...

Thanks Kerri! Don't you think the groom looks like Tiger Woods? X

expatkerri said...

with all that lens flare going on i didn't notice, but now that you mention it he does!