Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last night...

Last night, two of my patrons (and very good friends) played an amazing joint show at the  Kings Arms. Afterwards, Stu, Tono and I found ourselves at the Chinese restaurant Spicy House at 4am...which can only be a good thing.

Tono and  the Finance Company

Dictaphone Blues

I also got to play with my new lens. I'm not a technical/gear photographer at all. I hate changing lenses or even having the option of changing a lens. I hate taking a camera out of a functional camera bag and I especially hate taking off the lens cap (lucky for me, my lens cap is in Fiji somewhere.) So this whole "new lens" business is a going to take a little getting used to. Thank goodness for it's amazing low light capabilities. 

It's actually pretty sweet.


Lucinda said...

Which lens did you end up getting?

Jenna said...

Ye old 50mm. I likes it a lot. :)