Thursday, November 3, 2011

Korean Stereotypes

This is my friend Kerri:

and this is a delicious breakfast we ate one day.

...and here is a video she made with her students in Korea.


RJF said...

Oh this is wonderful! And I've added the cute brown top with navy collar to my outfit-memory-bank <3

kls said...

제나!!! thank you so much for sharing the video here. i love that photo of me and the weird white snow party drink i had for breakfast... and i want to travel with you again varrrry soon.

Jenna said...

Of course I would share it Kerri! (and Rach, you would look so cute in this outfit.)
I did some travel budgeting today. I think 2012 will take me to NY and your city Toronto in Aug/Sep next year. Not so adventurous but full of amazing friends. Ummm but we need to walk somewhere too - maybe 2013? In the meantime, you could!? XXX