Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunny(!) Dunedin(!!)

I'm in Dunedin! Look at my cute sister (with Ah-Rhee)

I wasn't going to watch the rugby final, but I was seduced into going to Leigh's house because we got to wear costumes.

Maaate, we were all about the sausages and double brown.

And being manly men.

Lei got her cauliflower ears on.

My bandana actually says "Totally Awesome", not Jesus.

Googley eyes from watching too much TV.

All Blacks Trivia:
1) One has the last name "Wee poo."
2) One shot a seal to death. What a cool dude.
3) One has a single testicle.

After a great, friend filled evening, I then went to the Dunedin wop wops - just up from Purakanui - to stay at Lei's BEAUTIFUL turret house.

I woke up to this.

A perfect ending to a very sunny long weekend in Dunedin.


RJF said...

amazing cauliflower ears! And your sister is a little bundle of cute. X

Jenna said...

I wish you were there!!!