Tuesday, October 25, 2011


While in Dunedin, I was so happy to have amazing Kate give me a late night, private tour of the recently opened Glue Gallery.
Here is a little bit of the venue, a blurry shot of the back garden and Kate's caravan covered in Bachelorette photographs.
Unfortunately my camera battery died and I didn't take photos of the 'zine library, the shop, the gallery or some of the studio spaces. But trust me, it's an amazing space and so great for the Dunedin art and music community.

I also saw Rachel Rakena's sculpture Haka Peepshow plonked in the Octogon. I love it!

There has been many a letter to the editor complaining about the "$50,000 big, black penis" but these people need to get over it. Actually, people suddenly being offended by a penis after being completely obsessed by the penis fest that is otherwise known as the Rugby World Cup, gives me a giggle.
Rakena says that Haka Peepshow should be considered in the "broader context of the sexualisation and commodification of Maori sportsmen and the representation of their masculinity and culture in the media." There is nothing better than looking into the peepholes and being eyeballed by Tama Iti doing the haka - it gave me chills.
I'm a bit behind on the discussion on this work but I've only just seen it and it's great to see just a tiny percentage of what has been spent on the Dunedin Stadium, going towards a very important work by a very exciting Ngai Tahu artist. Read more at the Haka Peepshow website. I also found this article in the Critic magazine pretty awesome.

Another work that got its fair share of ODT complaint letters, Harbour Mouth Molars by Regan Gentry were defaced by some extremely original taggers over the weekend. Luckily I got these pictures before they were cleaned the next time I was driving past again...hehe!

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So these are all penis look alike statue! mujeres culona