Sunday, October 30, 2011


There's nothing I like better than a peking duck fest and this is what we ate for my good friend Alex's birthday. Nom nom nom.

Alex is most lucky to be attached to Tina (cake maker extraordinaire) and here is his "HOT LAVA" cake, complete with dry ice and a white mousse filling (with red food colouring.)
It was also extremely delicious.

It was also my boss Wendy's birthday recently. I made her a cake that fulfilled her lemon dreams as it contained a milk cake soaked in lemon syrup, lemon curd and lemon buttercream. It was just delicious and veryyyy sweet.

I'll end with pictures of Lucinda checking out the new releases and hugging the Hungry Caterpillar. Just because.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


While in Dunedin, I was so happy to have amazing Kate give me a late night, private tour of the recently opened Glue Gallery.
Here is a little bit of the venue, a blurry shot of the back garden and Kate's caravan covered in Bachelorette photographs.
Unfortunately my camera battery died and I didn't take photos of the 'zine library, the shop, the gallery or some of the studio spaces. But trust me, it's an amazing space and so great for the Dunedin art and music community.

I also saw Rachel Rakena's sculpture Haka Peepshow plonked in the Octogon. I love it!

There has been many a letter to the editor complaining about the "$50,000 big, black penis" but these people need to get over it. Actually, people suddenly being offended by a penis after being completely obsessed by the penis fest that is otherwise known as the Rugby World Cup, gives me a giggle.
Rakena says that Haka Peepshow should be considered in the "broader context of the sexualisation and commodification of Maori sportsmen and the representation of their masculinity and culture in the media." There is nothing better than looking into the peepholes and being eyeballed by Tama Iti doing the haka - it gave me chills.
I'm a bit behind on the discussion on this work but I've only just seen it and it's great to see just a tiny percentage of what has been spent on the Dunedin Stadium, going towards a very important work by a very exciting Ngai Tahu artist. Read more at the Haka Peepshow website. I also found this article in the Critic magazine pretty awesome.

Another work that got its fair share of ODT complaint letters, Harbour Mouth Molars by Regan Gentry were defaced by some extremely original taggers over the weekend. Luckily I got these pictures before they were cleaned the next time I was driving past again...hehe!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunny(!) Dunedin(!!)

I'm in Dunedin! Look at my cute sister (with Ah-Rhee)

I wasn't going to watch the rugby final, but I was seduced into going to Leigh's house because we got to wear costumes.

Maaate, we were all about the sausages and double brown.

And being manly men.

Lei got her cauliflower ears on.

My bandana actually says "Totally Awesome", not Jesus.

Googley eyes from watching too much TV.

All Blacks Trivia:
1) One has the last name "Wee poo."
2) One shot a seal to death. What a cool dude.
3) One has a single testicle.

After a great, friend filled evening, I then went to the Dunedin wop wops - just up from Purakanui - to stay at Lei's BEAUTIFUL turret house.

I woke up to this.

A perfect ending to a very sunny long weekend in Dunedin.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Luckless Tour

Look at this! Luckless have just announced their NZ tour, they are even going to Dunedin! You should watch this video and then go watch them play. Honest.

Have a look at the tour schedule. It even has a "Jenna Todd" photo attached to it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

In print twice this week!

1) Photos of the Fabulous/Arabia concert from Sunday printed straight away in Volume Magazine this week.

2) An article for the almighty Central Leader about my photography trip to Labasa, Fiji - focusing on the adorable patient Tula Ram.

Are you ready for a cheesy photo of yours truly...?

That's some strong smelling cheese.

Also, Mrs. Liz Phillips just sent me some pictures of myself in surgery at Labasa Hospital. Never in my life did I think I would don a pair of scrubs.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I took this photo of James and Mike from Fabulous/Arabia after their concert at the Kings Arms last night. (To be seen in Volume Magazine this week.)

It reminds me a lot of this picture of the amazing pair, Luci and Chloe at Campus last year.

Both have twin tired and wired glare eyes.

Monday, October 3, 2011


You know how you have a dear friend, but you do not talk very often...maybe like every six months. And when you catch up, everything is just the same.
Well, a lot can happen in six months - in this case, when Rose and I went to visit lovely Holly in Hamilton, a little bump had emerged from Holly's belly.

Luckily, I had these up my sleeve...they take a lot less time to make than my blanket!

We had dinner at my favourite Hamilton restaurant, Chim Choo Ree (actually it's the only restaurant I have eaten at in Hamilton.)
We had a lot of cups of tea, walked by the river, went to the Farmer's market and had such a relaxing time, with amazing hosts.

And of course I did not forget to visit Riffy.