Monday, September 5, 2011

This is Labasa.

FOOD! Liz and I ate too much food on this trip - it was so delicious. We would go to a home, eat the most we'd ever eaten in our lives, go to another home and then dinner would be unexpectedly served again! Fish, curry, chutney and bread. Oh god!

Apparently, there is not much to do in Labasa, so everyone pimps out their cars:

Gorgeous families in their homes and around the neighbourhood.

Stunning countryside, candied architecture, coconut trees and sugar cane fields.

We were driving around looking for a family and we pulled up to this house. I couldn't resist getting out and photographing this stunning girl, her sister and great-grandmother. If I were Tyra, I'd be cashing in on this one being a supermodel. I must add a thank you to Liz who had to deal with the "Do you want to have sex?" taxi driver while I was snapping away obliviously. Creepo! (This was the only bad Fiji experience.)


kls said...

these pictures are among some of your most stunning!! those girls at the end are so interesting and beautiful. thanks for sharing!!

ok korea said...

Looks like it was an amazing experience.

Alice said...

If I were Tyra, I'd be cashing in on this one being a supermodel