Saturday, September 3, 2011


When I opened my door last night to THIS...
...I could not stop smiling for hours. My amazingly talented friend Tina (aided by Alex) made this pineapple and brazil nut cake with rum butter icing for my 26th birthday. Check out Tina's brilliant creations on facebook - I bet she is capable of making anything in cake form.

Nom nom nom nom.

Asides from the cake, I had such a great birthday. I seriously thought as I got older, my birthday would become a blip on the radar but so many people made such a lovely effort to make my day special. I had breakfast made for me. presents, a delicious lunch, TWO bunches of flowers delivered to work, work presents and more cake, many texts, messages and phone calls, a group viewing of the final of NZ's Next Top Model (complete with minted butter sandwiches) and wine and friends in my living room. Phew!

And of course I did not take any photos of these, I was too busy just enjoying it.


RJF said...

That cake is AMAZING. I hope you had a wonderful day! I'm trying not to look at any NZ media as I don't know who won NTM, and there are no uploads as yet. <3 <3 Have fun wee Jenna.

Jenna said...

What did you think of the winner?!

Anonymous said...

I don't whom made that cake but I can say for sure that it is quite impressive. I would like to have one like my dog. but there are impressive cakes like that one that Indian Pharmacy did in their anniversary.