Monday, September 12, 2011

Crochet + Radio

On Friday and Saturday, Auckland turned into a sunny spring haven. This is it, I thought, spring is definitely here. I planned a walks for my weekend, an afternoon of chair sanding in the afternoon - my weekend was going to be full of fresh air and productive.
What eventuated was that Sunday and Monday has been raining pretty much non stop and there was even a tornado.
What to do with this weekend inside?
Well, our flat plunger will never look the same:

You may remember my ridiculous crochet granny square blanket I have been making. You will be happy to know it is and has been pretty much finished for the last few months.

I just have the horrible and boring task of sewing in the ends. It's going to take forever!

This has been coupled with endless episodes of This American Life. My favourite episode lately has been about apologies. Especially as it has a David Sedaris story.


RJF said...

That is a beautiful blanket! I can't wait to start This American Life, it is next on my list! xx

Jenna said...

I just discovered yesterday that you can hook up your itunes to automatically download each new weekly episode for free. I think I am a million years behind all of this itunes/podcast stuff but it made me excited!

dem van said...

I love this blanket looks so beautiful, and the colors are adorable...thank you so much for sharing with us

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