Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Birthdays = Two Chocolate Cakes

I made two birthday cakes this weekend. One was for the lovely Tina aka. cat cake extraordinaire and the other for my lovely workmate Nevena.
Tina's was a chocolate cake covered in meringue - this is from the Molten Cookbook which is coming out very soon. Luckily I got a sneak peek and recipe!

Nevena's was again, chocolate, with buttercream icing (meringue with a block of butter) and flavoured with raspberry juice. The icing was so thick my amateur piping equipment was not doing the trick, so I spread it on and covered the flaws with hundreds and thousands.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is all I'm listening to right now.

It's Saturday night, I've just come back from a lovely photography job and I have Haunted Love's new album on repeat (while crocheting of course.) Can't wait for the release party!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Crochet + Radio

On Friday and Saturday, Auckland turned into a sunny spring haven. This is it, I thought, spring is definitely here. I planned a walks for my weekend, an afternoon of chair sanding in the afternoon - my weekend was going to be full of fresh air and productive.
What eventuated was that Sunday and Monday has been raining pretty much non stop and there was even a tornado.
What to do with this weekend inside?
Well, our flat plunger will never look the same:

You may remember my ridiculous crochet granny square blanket I have been making. You will be happy to know it is and has been pretty much finished for the last few months.

I just have the horrible and boring task of sewing in the ends. It's going to take forever!

This has been coupled with endless episodes of This American Life. My favourite episode lately has been about apologies. Especially as it has a David Sedaris story.

Monday, September 5, 2011

This is Labasa.

FOOD! Liz and I ate too much food on this trip - it was so delicious. We would go to a home, eat the most we'd ever eaten in our lives, go to another home and then dinner would be unexpectedly served again! Fish, curry, chutney and bread. Oh god!

Apparently, there is not much to do in Labasa, so everyone pimps out their cars:

Gorgeous families in their homes and around the neighbourhood.

Stunning countryside, candied architecture, coconut trees and sugar cane fields.

We were driving around looking for a family and we pulled up to this house. I couldn't resist getting out and photographing this stunning girl, her sister and great-grandmother. If I were Tyra, I'd be cashing in on this one being a supermodel. I must add a thank you to Liz who had to deal with the "Do you want to have sex?" taxi driver while I was snapping away obliviously. Creepo! (This was the only bad Fiji experience.)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Country is Crazy.

I don't just dislike rugby, I consider myself an active rugby hater. In my humble opinion, my country spends too much money on hosting a sporting event rather than improving the general well-being, healthcare and education of New Zealanders.

Anyway, I recently betrayed my role as an active rugby hater by appearing on the current affairs show Campbell Live in the most naff media segment ever to be shown on television. But as much as I hate rugby, I love my job at Time Out more.
Watch as the Mount Eden Village gets "in the spirit" here:

Sorry for mentioning rugby on my blog. Never again.

Rant over.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


When I opened my door last night to THIS...
...I could not stop smiling for hours. My amazingly talented friend Tina (aided by Alex) made this pineapple and brazil nut cake with rum butter icing for my 26th birthday. Check out Tina's brilliant creations on facebook - I bet she is capable of making anything in cake form.

Nom nom nom nom.

Asides from the cake, I had such a great birthday. I seriously thought as I got older, my birthday would become a blip on the radar but so many people made such a lovely effort to make my day special. I had breakfast made for me. presents, a delicious lunch, TWO bunches of flowers delivered to work, work presents and more cake, many texts, messages and phone calls, a group viewing of the final of NZ's Next Top Model (complete with minted butter sandwiches) and wine and friends in my living room. Phew!

And of course I did not take any photos of these, I was too busy just enjoying it.