Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crispy Dunedin

I've been terrible at photographing anything other than Maeve this week. She and Mum have been going well, however they are still in hospital.

Other than hanging with the family. I've eaten at Jizo twice, seen Liam Finn and the Drab Doo Riffs at Refuel (they were both rad-tastic) and had mulled wine at Albar. I've eaten fish and chips with Luci, DJ, Gianna and Logan followed by ginger wine at Dowling St. I had many flat whites with friends I love and shopped at Modern Miss.
I'm learning to knit cable knit socks. They are very difficult.
I went to Ralph Hotere's birthday celebration at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. I highly
recommend seeing he and Bill Cuthbert's work Pathway to the Sea - Aramoana, it's stunning. Also, Pieter Hugo's Nollywood exhibition is the photography I've seen in ages.
I did not take a picture of any of these activities but they were fantastically fun.

On Friday, my camera came out of hibernation. Rice and Beans are currently showing Michael Morley's curated show Powderfinger. Luckily his show has this living room arrangement (the chair was temporarily added) and we (Claire, Katherine, Clara and I) spent a lovely afternoon in the sun.

This image of Clara is my favourite photo I've taken in ages. She had just been to the Slutwalk in the Octagon and was proudly wearing her sticker. Below is her gorgeous wide eyed sister Emerald.

Claire and I went to the dump shop. To believe all of this is thrown out!

I popped in to Al's studio to pick up some framing. I am very excited about his mannequin hand collection. I am also very excited that my portrait drawn by Nam Cheol in 2009 and my two Vietnamese propaganda prints are now encased beautifully in perfect Al Ibell precision.

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