Friday, July 8, 2011

A week in Seoul.

Cute cafe reunions...

I came back to Seoul feeling like I had been there a few weeks ago and not much had changed (except that EVERYONE has an iphone) but then there are some new additions:

Norebang with Taewon!

Eyebrow Dog!!!!!!!!!

New glasses, $25 - oh yeah.

Dokkgalbi with Ashley. Seriously delicious.

Nangmyeon. The best summer dish.

Escalators that go on forever.

THE VINTAGE MARKET! How the heck did we find this again Kerri?

Old men eating pajeon and drinking soju.

Dinner with Tiko and Sarah!

Nam San Tower

The padlocks at Nam San Tower. True love right here, looking over an amazing view of Seoul - a city that goes on forever.

Biking along the Hann River...

Cuties by the Hann River.



Dog shoes...

A telephone for every size.

Rainy day by the Gyeongbukgung Palace.

Dunkin' Donuts.

Elizabeth Beach!

Galbi San with old workmates in Wong Dang (my old home)! Holy Delicious!

My old student Laura.

SHABU SHABU - two years of waiting.

Kiwi soju cocktails at Beer Garden. *sigh*


kls said...

you managed to get EVERYTHING in one blog. i love it!! and i wish my nails were still pretty and dotty.

Jenna said...

I wish you were here so I could do your nails with all my new colours. Mine are currently lavender, french tipped with glitter...over the top? Defintely not.

Kayla said...

ah I love this post so much!!!!

Jenna said...

Lovely Kayla, You were very much thought of and missed this whole week.

David said...

Well what a week! I remember when I visit my friends in NYC and was a madness everyday we go to malls and restaurants and at night the clubs so cool. Thanks for this space.

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