Monday, June 27, 2011

Namhae -> Jinju (courtesy of HanaTour)

This is how we woke up. Namhae Hilton treated us very well!

We spent part of the morning at the beach, to get some extra shots for the HanaTour video. It was great to have a run around and the water was pretty warm despite the weather.
We've been getting pretty obsessed with jumping shots on this trip...

We then went to Geumsan Boriam temple. Taking a bus halfway...

...and walking up through the fog.

Below is a picture of the supposed spectacular view of the beach and then what we could see.

It was like somebody literally took an eraser and removed the view but I loved it. Temples have such a calming feeling anyway and with the fog settled amongst it, it was just breathtakingly mysterious.

There were some great characters throughout the mist.

We then continued to our last stop: JINJU! Home of the spectacular Kerri! We settled in for a delicious Galbi lunch. Oh my goodness, looking at this picture now makes my mouth water...I had to eat as fast as possible because I had decided to bus over to Gyeongju to stay at Golgulsa Temple for a few nights.

This three day HanaTour was absolutely amazing. What a lovely group of exciting creatives and super knowledgeable guides to travel with! Also, it was nice not to worry about food or accommodation, where we were going or how we were getting there for a few days and just go with the flow. Thank you HanaTour!

This trip was completely sponsored by HanaTour Korea. They are an amazing company that provide many different tours aimed at foreign tourists that showcase the best Korea has to offer. You are provided a friendly, knowlegeable and personable guide leading you the whole way plus travel, food and accommodation. If you only have a short time in Korea or you are not confident in traveling without speaking Korean this is a great option. I think one of the best things about Hana Tour is that they only need minimum 1 person for the tour to go ahead.

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