Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mokpo -> Namhae (courtesy of HanaTour)

I woke up just like this:

And the documentation begins!

The day was filled with brilliant typhoon weather. After breakfast we went to Boseong Dawon Green Tea Plantation, which is the largest in Korea. Also, many soap operas and movies are filmed here...I can just see it - a big pash among the plants, a proposal among the plants, a break up among the plants...
The wind was extraordinary but it wasn't that rainy or cold at all so I enjoyed it. The fog had settled right over the plantation, so it was so mysterious.

The typhoon was so strong that I got a dead brelly! But, Hyunwoo and I made the most of it.

Then of course we had some green tea and also green tea ice cream. The most delicious I've ever tried of both!

We then went to Naganeupseong Folk Village, a community of 100 houses that are situated inside a fortress and it has the best conservation of the fortress of the Joseon Era today. It's so interesting because the government made this a historic site but descendents of the original dwellers still live here. You can stay here with a family (which would be amazing!) but I do wonder how the citizens feel about living in a fish bowl. Despite this, it's an incredibly beautiful and self sufficient community. The gardens are amazing, there are many animals happily walking around and the traditional thatched roofs are changed every year and a half.

I bought a ceramic vase here, which is probably the LAST thing that is needed to carry on a walking journey but.....

We then had an incredible lunch of really salty fish at this foreigner friendly restaurant.

The last trip of the day was to Suncheon Bay Ecological Park. I loved, loved walking through the long grass (in which many crabs live.) We walked for about a hour through the park and up the hill to see a stunning view.

, I am mesmerized by the constant greenery Korea has to offer. There are just the most beautiful places to visit with fantastic outdoor activities that you can constantly discover. Kerri and I both agree that Seoul can suck you into a vortex as there is ALWAYS something to do. When I lived here, leaving Seoul meant giving up really fun activities with my friends but it's so great getting some fresh air and not being absorbed by shopping and sangria from Venus Kitchen!

So after a beautiful day outside we checked into the Namhae Hilton Golf and Spa Resort.
Ummm check out our room and apartment. My bed was like a marshmellow:

And feast your eyes on dinner:

And the swimming pool:

(There was also a rabbit family and a cat family that lived outside. Eeek!)

AND you are very lucky that we could photograph the spa as there was no one else in there. Kerri and I pretty much had the shower of the year complete with luxurious shampoo, conditioner, body wash and face wash.

This trip was completely sponsored by HanaTour Korea. They are an amazing company that provide many different tours aimed at foreign tourists that showcase the best Korea has to offer. You are provided a friendly, knowlegeable and personable guide leading you the whole way plus travel, food and accommodation. If you only have a short time in Korea or you are not confident in traveling without speaking Korean this is a great option. I think one of the best things about Hana Tour is that they only need minimum 1 person for the tour to go ahead.


Kayla said...

I can't even believe that you lived that! amazing!

Jenna said...

I think I have seen more of Korea than I have of NZ. Maybe an NZ travel company should sponsor me on a trip like this?!