Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ha Noi Love

Breakfast with Nhung. (A friend of wonderful Lei back home.)

Wandering around/stalking with my camera - whatever you want to call it.

Wires...is this dangerous? Who knows.

I drank more delicious, delicious Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk in the bottom. And stole a baby to hang out with under cover while it rained heavily. She wasn't wearing a nappy: it's good to live dangerously sometimes.

I was so, so happy to catch some of the group exercising that happens daily around the lake.

I was sitting at a street stall eating a simple and delicious beef meal...

...this was the view on either side...

...when a lovely Vietnamese young couple sat at my table (in place of that tired child pictured above) and started offering me bits from the many plates they had ordered. Oh so yum! I had just been ordering from what I could see and they had many more treats up their sleeves.

They then bought me a few beers (heat+beer=is good.) and we chatted an evening away.

Night scenes.

I decided to go on a last minute trip to Ha Long Bay. I wasn't amazingly keen initially because of the touristy-ness I had heard about. But Kerri had convinced that its beauty that would out stand any harem-panted drunkards.

First we went to this amazing cave - Dong Thien Cung. The coloured lights are a bit much but the rock formations are just incredible and it's hard to believe they are natural!

The bay itself is so lovely, and it was nice to be in the quiet talking books with my boat mates. (No harems to be seen fortunately!) Ha Long bay will never look as good in photos.

Boats of Tourists...

People actually live here in fishing villages - how amazing would it be to wake up here every morning?

Here is our lovely tour guide and driver - they made the 3.5 hour journey there and back great. One day I would like to bike or scooter or walk this route - anyone keen? It would only take a day I reckon.

My favourite thing to do in Hanoi is sit at street stalls and watch the city pass me by. There is nothing better than being plonked at a plastic table with a family, eating amazing and cheap pho and drink bitter iced tea. While I was eating this meal, a woman got of a scooter with her two small children next to our table. The wee girl squatted and the mother held the penis of the wee boy and they wee wee-d on the street. As I said, I love street food.


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