Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Cheongju: Meeseok's Studio

Kerri has an old ceramicist friend in Cheongju, whom she has wanted me to meet for years, so we thought we'd make it happen. So we headed to the capital (Where Jikji, the world's oldest book was printed in 1377.) of the Chungcheongbuk-do Provence, centre left of South Korea.

This is Meeseok's studio. Yes, that is a tree in the middle and he gave us many, many, many cups of tea.

Meeseok is not your typical Korean. He always wears a casual hanbok, he has long hair and John Lennon glasses, he's a legend. His work is stunning and if I was very rich - I would definitely be investing. Huge pots with carved images and white slip - so simple, yet bold.

One of Meeseok's other loves is homemade Makgeoli. Potent and delicious rice and wheat wine, loved by all adjosshi's and adjumma's in Korea (especially while hiking I've noticed.) In the picture below, the bag to my left is full of empty makgeoli bottles.

We were joined by Meeseok's friend Mr. Jong for a dinner of stir fried kimchi, tofu and beef and boiled pork.

And then, it was norebang time! What an excellent night indeed!