Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cheongju: Hello Cat

The next morning we woke up with an unfamiliar feeling for this trip - hungover.
Luckily we were in the most luxurious of all love motels we had stayed at. The country cottage themed, aptly named Toronto. We slept in, packed our bags wearily and then decided to get some lunch before we left for a yet undecided destination.

But then this happened. Tea? With cats? Lounging around fake fire places? YES PLEASE.

Bear with me here....

Here is the mother of all cat ladies. She does not speak human.

The cafe was extremely clean and the cats had a little private area to do their business, sleep and chill out.

And then, there is Ming.

And after...

Don't get me wrong, you won't see any of my kittens looking like this. But I'm sure this is one of the most loved cats in Korea. Everyday animal rights do not feature high on the list of priorities in Asia (war anyone?) and eating meat is considered a privilege to many people. Most people live in apartments so if you do have a pet it's probably a cat or a small dog and it's going to be cuted up to the max.

You are even provided the tools de-fur yourself on leaving.

We emerged, ahhhhhh, about FOUR HOURS later. To late to travel anywhere, we checked back into Motel Toronto. It was just fine with me!


Lila said...

This confirms my long held view that East Asians understand leisure in a way European nations really, really don't. I've wanted to go to a cafe with cats my whole life.

Also, that picture of that cat looking up at the window is my favourite. x

Jenna said...

catz 4 lyfe

S.E.B & J.A.D. said...


It's a beautiful cat, isn't it ? I've got two cats, and they're my passion... by the way this blog isn't bad enough either 'cos there are to many useful topic to read.

Jenna said...

Thank you for your kind comments!

Anonymous said...

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