Saturday, June 4, 2011

a week with dad

My Dad came up to Auckland to do the Sky Tower Challenge. This is when firemen from all over New Zealand run up 51 flights in full kit, as fast as they can, to raise money for leukemia.

Here's Dad just after he finished - he was very tired.

He then stayed for a week afterwards. We went to Kelly Tarlton's Underwater World.

Keeping with the animal theme, we also went to Auckland Zoo. My favourite animals were the spider monkeys and Dad, the otters.

We also went to my new favourite restaurant - Cazador. It is a game restaurant with taxidermy all over the walls. Stu and I had only been a few days before but we had to come back with Dad. I was too busy eating to take pictures. The first time I had wild pork and the second, walnut and pomegranate venison meatballs. I even got me some pomegranate molasses so I could recreate this delicious Persian sauce.
I also introduced Dad to Korean food, which I think for him was life changing. He couldn't get enough - which made me happy because I could eat Korean every day!

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