Friday, June 17, 2011


My trip to Korea got off to a rocky start. Not in a really bad way but in a "Oooh this is fun, but I really want to get going" sort of way.
Amazing Stu dropped me at the Auckland airport at 4am, I was seated on the plane and was about to watch the cringe worthy, rugby worshipping safety video when one of the computers in the plane failed. The Social Network and halfway through the book The Amateur Science of Love later we were off to Melbourne.
My connection to Vietnam had well gone so I was put up in the Park Royal and booked in the next days flights. I enjoyed lounging in my white robe, bathing and watching some fantastically trashy Australian TV.

I managed to source Jenna-Lee and Erin's cell phone numbers so met them in the city. I was completely unprepared for the Southern Hemisphere weather so luckily Jenna-Lee could bring me a scarf and jacket. We got a photobooth picture (a dream completed)
and had G&T's at a bar in a graffitied alleyway. The perfect, unexpected evening.
The next morning, I flew to Ho Chi Minh city. It was amazing landing in Vietnam. Spirals of brown rivers through patchworked landscapes, leading to pastel coloured houses that were stacked like a pile of boxes and then closer, hundreds of scooters zipping down the street. Sadly, I could not leave the airport on my stopover. I immediately dropped $47USD on a pedicure, manicure, facial and hairwash. With the worst blow dried style you can imagine (think, helmet) I very slowly ate a meal in a restaurant.

A nap, a podcast and some of Lady Chatterley's Lover later I was on the plane to Busan.
I was the only Westerner and the lounge was full of drunk, casually dressed adjosshis. On the transfer bus, I stepped over a huge pile of vomit while an adjosshi positioned his body to face me and blatantly stared for 10 minutes until we pulled up to the plane. Welcome to Korea.

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