Monday, June 20, 2011


When I got off the bus at Jinju on Sunday night, a Korean man came up to me, "Jenna?!" It was Kerri's boyfriend Yoonsik and he recognised me from my picture. We found Kerri (yay!) and it was like I'd only seen her the week before.
We ate some barley rice bibimbap and went to Umbrella Bar - it had instruments ready to be played and the owner pulled out some amazing guitar skills. They only served beer or Jack Daniels. I went for the rum.

The first two days in Korea were nice and cool but Jinju is extremely hot and it's making me very sleepy, but I just need some season adjustment. I found an adorable cafe that also doubles as a ceramic hand painting venue to hang out in while Kerri finished off some things at work.

Jinju is right down the bottom of South Korea. Kerri tells me a lot of people retire here and you can definitely tell.

In the evening we called the English bus information hotline to see what time the bus went from Jinju to Mokpo and were informed it only went twice a day! You may think why we didn't check this earlier - but usually this is not the case and it's very easy to turn up to the bus station and have a bus to wherever you want to go turn up. We immediately had a change of plan, we would go to Gwangju in the morning instead of Mokpo, easy peasy.

I spent the evening watching Kerri and Yoonsik busk together. It was very sweet! They even have couple guitar cases...

We definitely not feeling stressed about time, taking everything as it comes. So, Gwangju tomorrow!

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