Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jeonju -> Mokpo (courtesy of HanaTour)

About a month before leaving for Korea, Kerri was asked by her friend and fellow youtuber Hyunwoo if she would like to go on a 3 day luxury Discover Korea experience with HanaTour Company. She asked if her photographer friend could come also and they said yes!

The aim of the HanaTour was to take 4 people away who would document the Discover Korea tour (3 youtubers - Kerri, Hyunwoo and Steve, all with huge followings and me as a photographer) and also 2 competition winners Clara and Jamie. Then, they would use footage and photos for promotion.

Here we are in Hyunwoo's first video:

Hyunwoo and Steve are completely connected to the web at all times, it was amazing to watch them literally load up what we were doing as it was happening.

Here's our guide Billy! Also joining us was a camera man and Jason who deals with foreigner tours for HanaTour.

We started off by traveling to Jeonju and stopping off at the Hanji Paper Museum. I haven't made paper since primary school (sidenote: remember marbling?!) so I found this really fun. Also, Hanji Paper Museum are working hard to develop this paper usage in eco friendly and sustainable ways.

We then went around the corner to Jeonju Hanok Village to make bibimbap! We used a lot more fancy ingredients than I am used to and I learned some great tips in chopping the vegetables also, how to make it without using every pan, pot and bowl in the kitchen.
This area is well known for using raw beef and egg in their bibimbap. This is something I would usually avoid, but I thought When in Jeonju... and went for it. It was very delicious and my stomach handled it well.

We finished off lunch with some delicious tea.

A common sight:

I managed to capture this woman who is a perfect example of a small town ajumma. Perm, polyester, mixed prints, handbag and a look of "Don't mess with me, I've been through it all." I love it.

We then drove down to Mokpo to watch a traditional performance. I really enjoyed this despite it all being in Korean and I had Jason next to me whispering explanations. Because it was the 25th June, exactly 61 years since the start of the Korean war they started off with an extra funeral dance. It was so, so beautiful and moving. The white hanboks were stunning.
The show continued with an amazing bird performance, a comedy opera and drumming. These guys went all out on a huge cast and fabulous costumes - I'm so glad I got to see it.

Next off was a Japanese sushimi restaurant (I don't think I ate any cooked meat today?) It was completely delicious and just when I thought I couldn't eat any more, they would bring out more food.

Then we casually checked into the five star Hotel Hyundai.

You know I love a good love motel, but this was on another level.

This trip was completely sponsored by HanaTour Korea. They are an amazing company that provide many different tours aimed at foreign tourists that showcase the best Korea has to offer. You are provided a friendly, knowlegeable and personable guide leading you the whole way plus travel, food and accommodation. If you only have a short time in Korea or you are not confident in traveling without speaking Korean this is a great option. I think one of the best things about Hana Tour is that they only need minimum 1 person for the tour to go ahead.

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Charles said...

Well, when you're in Japan you don't need to eat meat, due to the fact there are another kind of delicious dishes there... Like Sushi with xl pharmacy cream... So yummy!