Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gimchae -> Seoul

We arrived in Gimjae absolutely exhausted. Our muscles were definitely stretched from our walking. We found a cafe and literally sat doing nothing for a few hours, trying to get our breath back and waddled like halmonis to a taxi to get a motel.
In every Korean city, big or small, there is a cluster of motels - usually used for a "rest" (sexy time) or sleep (our deal.) So that's why it is so easy here to travel without a plan. There are always motels because there are always people taking a "rest." The signs below cover your car's number plate in case the person you are resting with happens to be a secret.

Usually a room is around $30ish NZ dollars for a bed and a bathroom, so for $15 each, it's so cheap to travel.
Gimjae's motel area was actually a little out of the main part of Gimjae. We chose "Hite" out of the 6 or so available. This one was $25 with internet and cable. It also had the best interior decoration so far:

We ordered food to our room and I literally didn't move until the morning. I indulged in my old past time of the On Style channel.

In the morning, the rainy season had definitely settled in Gimjae. We made a small effort to visit a temple close by (with an extremely over zealous guard dog.)

But, I think between the rain, my broken umbrella and our very sore muscles our hearts weren't and we just wanted to jump on a bus to Seoul.
Missing the bus by 5 minutes we went back to our spot at the cafe until the next one. I love how here you can sit on one coffee for 3 hours and the staff don't mind!

So a 3 hour bus ride later, we were in my old favourite Hongdae. We met with Namcheol, who designed my tattoo and is one of the funniest Koreans I have ever met. He speaks zero English and is blatantly honest - telling me that he wasn't satisfied with my tattoo and he is different from what he drew, which it is actually a direct copy of his drawing. I just said "Too late!"
I also saw my amazing Sarah and Clair! We went to Venus Kitchen, ordered their fabulous sangria and nattered the evening away.


Kayla said...

ahhhh amazing!

Jenna said...

I have such great sangria memories with you!