Friday, June 10, 2011

craftaculor week


I've been madly sewing them together before I leave and have just managed a third. That photo has to wait for later.

In Auckland we have inorganic collections. This is truly amazing, as every house puts every scrap of crap that is in their house on the street people rummage through the crap and then the leftovers are picked up by the council after the weekend. It is so hilarious watching vans and mini trucks slowly driving up and down the streets, with all occupants with their heads out the windows, while the backs are filled with mountains of broken bikes, furniture and old TV's.
Of course I went for a squiz, as I had been on the look out for dining room chairs and I found a set of 6! I have just been sanding them down, will stain them this weekend and coat them in polyurethane (also found on the side of the road.) Then I will replace the sponge and recover them in some spectaculor fabric.

I also have got my feijoa and apple cider on. Stu does not have a good feeling about it as it hasn't started fermenting. I actually broke the juicer because I juiced too many feijoas, so my last few litres of apples were topped up with seemingly pure apple juice from the supermarket. Unfortunately, it might have had preservatives which bung up the fermentation.
My dreams of a post Korea, high sugared cider party might be over! Oh no! (I know this isn't really craftaculor, but I'm putting it in the same boat.)

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