Sunday, June 19, 2011


Landing back in Korea was great. Everything was so comfortable and familiar, unlike when I arrived two and a half years ago! I knew what to look for in terms of an ATM, convenience store, pay phone and taxi, so getting to Matt and Anne’s apartment was a breeze.

Matt and Anne are old Dunedin and art school friends of mine. While they went to work I caught up with my old co-worker Abigail and her spanking new husband. They took me to Haeundai Beach and we shot the breeze over coffee.

I then met with Matt and Anne at Gwang-gan Beach and we drank soju and watched all the people go by.

As the sun went down, the sky turned the most beautiful colour and the bridge lights lit up – it was so relaxing and the perfect way to spend my first day here.

We had an early night and first thing on Sunday morning I went to the optometrist. I had been surviving on some manky as contacts for the last month, having had broken both pairs of my glasses. For $120 I got an eye test, new frames, lenses and contacts – ready in 10 minutes. I actually paid a lot more that I did in Wong Dang, but I think I was charged Busan’s big city prices! Now I can see so well that it’s actually making me feel a little ill.

So I’m heading north to Jinju tonight (1 hour 20 minute bus ride) to meet with the beautiful Kerri. Then we’re heading west to Mokpo to start our walking adventure. Eeeeeee!


Kayla said...

amazing! I am so jealous right now. loved catching up on your posts. miss you!!!

Jenna said...

Korea is not the same without you!