Friday, June 24, 2011


Arriving in Buan around 3pm, we were so tired. We had had a long morning so popped into Lotteria for a greasy burger. They ended up having wi-fi so we squatted there for hours, I blogged and Kerri made a youtube video. No one seem to care that we'd made ourselves extremely comfortable there, one of the staff members even gave us a soft cone.

Here is our magnificent love motel for the night. It was actually quite fancy.

We spent the morning walking around the streets. One of the staff at Lotteria said she wanted to meet us at 12pm - we were umming and ahhing about this as the weather was perfect for walking forward but we didn't want to let her down.
So we pound the Buan streets.

Koreans seem to be able to made a garden out of nothing, here it's just a pile of dirt on the side of a fence.

We still had a few hours to kill, so we jumped in a taxi and he took us to this temple Gaeamsa. It was so peaceful - as always!

We chatted to a monk, who is one of six living here and the woman below just looked so stunning with the mountains and the temple behind her, "But I'm wearing my apron!"

We started walking down from the temple, which seem to have the nicest walks so far.

The park ranger was quite a funny man and he drove us down the hill to the bus stop. This area of Buan has stunning lakes and rice fields and is just so green.

At the bus stop we met the CUTEST man in the world. I still can't get over his adorable smile. One of the most common questions we've been getting is how did Kerri and I meet as we are from NZ and Canada. He asked us this also. We all got on the bus together and he just grinned at us the whole way.

We had lunch with the sweetheart Lotteria lady. It was good preparation for the following few hours.

We decided to walk to Gimjae, there was never a boring bit - beautiful rice fields and the occasional person.

We learned how rice plants were planted. One thing I never knew! The machine in the picture just deposited what looks like grass in the very watery soil.

We arrived on the outskirts on tired!

And then a miracle happened, a bus came along the tiny street we were on and we immediately jumped on it. Weary legs rested.

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