Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Stuff

A few weeks ago was the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. I only made it to two events but they were both great.
We went to the Langham Hotel for an afternoon High Tea and food writers talk. I stuffed myself silly with many cakes and sandwiches. Holy! The pistachio lamington was particularly delightful.
(please excuse cruddy photos.)

A.A. Gill was the special guest speaker and he was charmingly cheeky and funny. I especially liked when he talked about being in a vegetarian boarding school meant he had perfectly formed poo.

On the Sunday I went to David Vann's talk. He has written my favourite book so far for this year - Caribou Island. It's wonderfully dark - set in the looming landscape of Alaska and only to be read under the warmth of your duvet. It reminded me of We Need to Talk About Kevin, you know it isn't going to end happily and by golly it didn't.

The other amazing book I have read this year is the Pulitzer winner, A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan. She is a genius with time lines and characters of all ages in whatever decade. One chapter is a slide show, a slide show and she still rocks it. Ahhh reading - I am having big holiday read dilemmas...but at least that is all I have to worry about.

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