Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ugly Shoes

Well, in just a mere 7 weeks I will be back in Korea ready to walk my bum off with the lovely Kerri. Unfortunately, sensible walking shoes don't come in vintage - so I had to break and buy some ugly purple and grey woppers from the sports store on the corner of my street. The thing is, they are actually the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn, it's like walking on air!

One obstacle Kerri and I have both found is when asking a Korean about help with directions, distances and other useful information, we are told the same answer, "Take a bus." It seems most people are worried about how tired we will get! Which is sweet, but not ideal.

I've been building my fitness over the last few months also. Getting up at 6am(!) to swim three times a week and going for long walks. It's still going to be a struggle, but a exciting one!

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