Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mrs. Moore's House

My Uncle took me to this house that he has been renovating, it is so sad to this that this amazing wallpaper is going to go!

Mrs Moore died about 5 years ago and now her things are being cleared out so the rest of the house can be painted. I was very lucky to be able to pick out a few things to take home. By a few I mean about 20kgs that I dragged back up to Auckland the next day, I got some amazing coats, linen, slips, tea cups and a painting.

Thank you Mrs. Moore - I will keep your things well used and loved!


Lucinda said...

whoa, looks like she had some amaaaazing stuff. i hope when i die all my stuff finds new homes to live in.

Jenna said...

Me too! That would make me very happy indeed.

ok korea said...

Amazing photos. Staying awesome I see.

Jenna said...

YOU'RE awesome Mark. I miss ok korea and you!