Monday, April 4, 2011

Jenna Todd and Jenna-Lee Reunited.

Last weekend, my dear friend Jenna-Lee was over from Melbourne. This was so exciting because I had not seen her for THREE years. Which is far too long. We were a double Jenna photography team, studying side by side all through art school. We have a mutual love/obsession for Rocky Horror, Patti Smith and all things 80's.
Joined by Fiona, Rose and Harriet, we ate some basil tomato pasta and rhubarb and feojoa crumble and then started making plans for a night out at karaoke and dancing. But what happened? We got very drunk and danced in my living room until 3am. And that was just fine with us. Most of the photos are on Jenna-Lee's camera...but I have a couple on mine.

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