Monday, March 28, 2011

Paneer Curry and Honey and Mint Cake

Stu's garden has been flourishing with red and green chillies recently, so I got my curry on for Sunday dinner.
Have you ever made paneer? I will never get over how easy it is. Just 1 litre of milk slowly brought to the boil and then add in 30mls of lemon juice. Strain the curdled milk through a muslin cloth inside a sieve, flatten and let sit for a few hours.
I made curry with paneer, mushrooms and peas (green chilli) and a side dish of cabbage, carrot and onion (red chilli.) Overall the meal was quite sour and not very colourful, but still delicious and spicy.

And onto dessert...
I've been meaning to make this recipe for Morrocan honey and mint cake for ages. A regular customer at the bookstore brought it
in for us and I promptly found the recipe - it is so fantastically minty. The recipe was found on the Cuisine website. I don't think my version was dense enough, however still very edible!

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